Welcome to Timberlodge!

Timberlodges Products Ltd is a young and dynamic company, manufacturing and distributing an attractive range of products to the broad description of ‘outdoor living’.

Timberlodges is a family-owned business with a manufacturing base in Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire. As the name implies, we manufacture entirely from Western Red Cedar. All our roofs are made from Western Red Cedar shingle tiles.

Small, but highly capable, our company is able to offer our customers, a range of quality products…. attractively designed, attractively priced and delivered and installed by us at your own premises.

Attractively designed? …. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but our raw material, cedar, is recognised as being one of the most beautiful products of Nature. With a rich variety of yellow, cream and brown colours, it has a beautiful mellow and mature appearance, not to mention the distinctive aroma for which it is renowned. But added to the material excellence, the design of our products, which is generally recognised as being “one step further” e.g. the selection of attractively-shaped boarding and panelling; the shape of the roof support brackets; the double angle of the roof; the presentation of the facia boards; the “swept heads” to the windows….. all making our products look “that little bit different” and putting them in a league of their own.

Attractively priced? …. How can one easily compare prices without a very finite comparison of qualities and materials? But we ask you to do this please. You will find that on a like for like basis, our products are excellently positioned in the market. There are a number of reasons for this….

Firstly, we have drastically shortened the lines of supply.

We regularly visit British Columbia in Canada…. the home of Western Red Cedar. We buy direct from the largest sawmills in the area. Those sawmills own their own cedar forests. In simple terms, we buy directly from the people that harvest the tree. We manufacture. And then we supply directly to the person that buys the end product…. i.e. you, our customer.

It could not be simpler, it could not be more advantageous to you, the buyer.

We are not buying from a multitude of timber merchants. We are not supplying via retail outlets.

This means that you are buying a very high quality product at a very advantageous price.

Secondly, we are specialist manufacturers with sophisticated machinery, concentrating on manufacturing a limited range of products in a very efficient way. Our overheads are kept to the minimum. We offer a direct supply service.

And how do we interpret the word “service”? We believe in a friendly response to your initial approach to us. We believe in speedy attention to your requirements, be they for brochures, quotations or further information. We believe in visiting you in your home to discuss your particular requirements in detail. We believe in a discreet and direct supply to your home with our qualified installers. We believe in after sales service and attention.

We have recently opened a new facility in Stokenchurch in Oxfordshire. We have chosen this location because of its excellent relationship to the motorway network. Stokenchurch lies on the M40, junction 6,and our facility is within half a mile of that junction. We have a 4,500 square foot warehouse and manufacturing area. Our range includes play equipment and play lodges for the younger folk. Cedar cottages for all ages. Cedar cabineted hot tubs and Swimgyms for aquatherapy and water relaxation. A range of Cedarlodges in both octagonal, square and rectangular form, and each in an attractive range of sizes.

And most particularly, our “mix and match” approach to offering our customers a wide range of choices. From the basic structure through to the “roof on posts”, and with a wide choice of floors and fill in sides, by way of ballustrading, doors, different style windows etc. A tremendous choice, where from our manufacturing point of view, the basic elements are the same, but from the customer’s perspective, the choice is very extensive.

Timberlodge… “Making The Best of Nature”…. Yes, manufacturing in the UK. Yes, a family business. Yes, responsibly using the very best of nature’s produce. And therefore making the best for our customers.